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We ship all of our fish by USPS Priority or Priority Express Mail. The fish are packed in plastic bags with an anti-fungal which also helps reduce the stress during shipment. Usually around the middle of October, we add heat packs so that the inside of the box stays warm enough not to stress the fish. I have been asked over and over again if the fish will arrive alive. Remember, most of the fish that you purchase from a pet store were imported from other countries and spent 2 to 4 days in transit to the trans-shipper who then acclimates the fish and resells them to the pet shops. When you purchase fish from us, you are purchasing quality fish that were raised by us here in the USA and shipped directly to you, no middle man involved. The fish are much less stressed than most of the fish that you would purchase at a pet shop plus they are better quality. In addition, we also guarantee live arrival.